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About Scentscapology

  Escape Through Scent  

Our mission?

To enable Escape Through Scent no matter what mood, or room you are in.

That is what 'Scentscapology' means - 'escape through scent'.

It is our word.


Where did it all start?

Lockdown one, whilst juggling homeschooling, house renovations and a freelance producer career.


Amongst this chaos, it was the denial of a really simple joy that got me plotting - 

I was not able to just  ‘pop out’ on pay day and buy an affordable treat for the house or a friend’s birthday,

such as a scented candle.


Something clicked.

I decided I would learn to make scented candles that would

inspire moods and punctuate a day at home (because that is where we all were ALL the time).

Importantly though, pretty, clean, professional looking candles that were as eco-friendly as I could make them.


Garden vibes.

Being locked-down gave me a greater sense of appreciation for the garden. I had begun to understand seasonality, smells, growing produce and finally, how to actually garden (I’m still learning!) In fact, I took my initial inspiration from the garden.


I walked around, cataloguing what we had, how it smelt and then I set to work to find suppliers who made

paraben free, cruelty free and vegan friendly fragrance oils I could work with. 

My first five fragrances were designed entirely from walking around the garden and feeling confident that the oils

I had sourced lived up to the ‘real deal’ outside.


Small and meaningful.

All Scentscapology products are currently made by me, in between family life and life as a mature student at the

University of Cambridge.

Some people love to cycle, run or bake cakes but for me, candle making is my wonderfully mindful happy place.

All candles are cured under our 350 year old thatch and hopefully imbued with at least some of its prevailing spirit.

I make our products in small batches, on a regular basis and some to order. 


Thanks for checking out Scentscapology and supporting a small business.


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