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Product Care

  Caring for your Candles 

Go ahead and escape through scent with a Scentscapology candle and inspire your mood - but do it safely please.


Always ensure that your candle is placed on an even, fire-resistant surface, in a well ventilated area and away from draughts, pets and children, before lighting.


Always keep a lit candle in sight and never leave unattended or try to carry it when lit, as it can get incredibly hot.


When you light your Scentscapology candle for the first time, allow the wax to melt to the edges of the jar, rather than pool in the middle. This will ensure an even burn going forward. Ideally leave your candle initially lighted for up between 2- 4  hours to adhere to this logic.


Do not burn your candle for longer than a maximum of 4 hours at any one time, this stops the candle jar heating the wax and causing it to burn away faster than it should.


When you have finished burning your candle and the wax has cooled, straighten the wick and trim if it is longer than 5mm and replace the lid. This will preserve the scent AND stop your candle and wick from gathering dust and flammable particles.


Every time you light your candle, always check for dust on both the wick and candle (best remember to put that lid on!) and ensure that you trim the wick to 5mm between burns. 


Why?  Dust and long wicks create higher flames and sooting and can sometimes create a ‘secondary wick’ which can make your candle burn faster than desired.


When your candle has burnt down to 10mm, you need to stop burning it.  


Tip: After use, upcycle your Scentscapology candle jar  - it could be a vase, a pen pot or a treat pot...

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