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Personalised Wedding Favour Candles

 Personalised Wedding Favour Candles 

Finding good quality, eco-friendly and meaningful wedding favours can be time consuming, stressful and expensive.

Which is why we decided to do our research and create a product that is affordable, sustainable, looks great and is customisable.

Scentscapology's Personalised Wedding Favour Candles come in boxes of 30, are vegan friendly, paraben free, cruelty free and are fully recyclable, so you can be safe in the knowledge that your wedding favour gift choice, is a sustainable one. 


Simply choose your label background, tell us your names, change the greeting (if you fancy something wittier than 'Just Married'!) and then select a scent for your guests.

Alongside Scentscapology, we also run Cambridge Vintage Bridal and regularly work with planners, florists, stylists, photographers, hair and MUAs, cake makers, caterers, venues and of course, we deal with brides on a daily basis looking for value for money when choosing a dress. We have spoken to many of the above in researching and producing this personalised wedding favour product, which is why we are confident you will love it!

Button hole by Thatch & Roses Flower Studio. Invitations by 7 Fire Flies. Photography by Thyme Lane Photography.

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